Get Started

Get Started


Preparation leads to Perfection!

To achieve the bathroom of your dreams, it is important to plan ahead.  Determine your favorite style, measure the space you have to work with, and assess the current plumbing set up.


What is your style?

With six diversely different Diamond FreshFit vanities to choose from, you will want to do some research to determine which vanity works best with the style you envision for your bathroom.  Browse ideas on Houzz and Pinterest, flip through design magazines, and visit area home shows to help you form your style preference.  After you do some research, it will be easier to select the vanity that achieves the perfect look for you.

measuring cabinets

Assess Your Space

Remodeling a bathroom can sometimes be tricky because bathrooms are typically smaller rooms and there is plumbing to work around.  Be sure to contact a licensed plumber if the space you envision placing your vanity is not where pipework is currently run.

measuring supplies


Before purchasing your vanity, it is important to measure the layout of your bathroom to ensure you select the perfect vanity size to fit your available space.  Diamond FreshFit comes in several sizes to give you the options you need for the space you have.   Be sure to factor in a Diamond FreshFit storage cabinet and mirror!

measuring tips

Quick Tips

  • Measure and be aware of obstacles along vanity wall, recording height, width and depth from outside edge to outside edge (include doors, windows and plumbing).
  • Confirm that there are no outlets or other obstacles in the way of your new Diamond FreshFit vanity if height is different than the vanity you are replacing.
  • Measure any items that will stay in the room and have an impact on your overall bathroom layout.
  • Make note of any electrical details, such as switches and outlets that need to stay, or could possibly be moved.
  • If you will be working around existing lighting fixtures, list dimensions to avoid any obstructions, especially when installing new Diamond FreshFit mirrors or storage cabinets.

Finishing Touches

The new Diamond FreshFit vanity you bring home will be ready to install.  But, don’t forget, you will also need to select a countertop and faucet from the wide selection available at the Lowe’s nearest you.